Hundreds and hundreds of hosting companies have began offering optimized WordPress installations. We don’t believe that offering one particular platform optimize over others is a very good way to go about offering customers unbeatable protection. We offer a cPanel control panel for your hosting environment, except with our services we optimize everything. We have top-of-the-line servers in for data centres with full load balancing and content distribution, and there for can offer our customers absolutely unbeatable optimization in any hosting environment or platform.

Although we have had some experiences with good support coming out the giants, there is always an ongoing problem of hacking and attack attempts, as well as cumbersome user panels, trying to get all of the features into one area and sometimes using extremely out of date systems and software. It is very common for website owners to find they are a victim of a website hack and then begin the process of finding out that these giants, with all their low prices and affordable services, end up charging exuberant amounts for simple services that should have been included in the hosting services they provide.



Some of these simple services should include several copies of website backups, that should be taken regularly. In a sense, the lack of effort on the hosting companies part to both backup and offer restore services for free has lead the way for several businesses to emerge. There are now several businesses that will backup your website via FTP or CMS transfer, but these third party websites seem to only encourage the hosting giants to cut services even further.

So if you take the prices of these giants and add in the cost of the extra features that come standard with our services, it becomes quite apparent that Ultranoodle Technologies charge a very competitive rate with servers that never get hacked or compromised.


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